CSHG and its employees must act with good faith, striving for transparency, the use of accurate and suitable information, and impartial treatment of investors.

In order to fulfill its fiduciary duty, the Real Estate Investments department works in close collaboration with the other internal departments seeking to develop internal controls, policies, and procedures based on the highest ethical and regulatory standards.

Such excellence is only possible thanks to the independence, professionalism, and experience of the several partner divisions, such as Legal, Compliance, Financial Crime Compliance (“FCC”), Risk, and Funds Management.

For such, we rely on the following, among others:

– Strict due diligence and monitoring of the third parties involved in offerings or FII operations;

– Specific due diligences in investments and real estate acquisitions, with the support of renowned outside law firms;

– Forums for dealing with conflict of interests, prevention of money laundering, prevention of bribery, and prevention of abusive market practices;

– Regular meetings to analyze the risk and appreciation of the portfolios of FIIs.