Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ


What is the Investor Relations e-mail for the FIIs of CSHG?

You can contact us by sending an email to:


How do I register for the mailing list of the Real Estate Investments department to receive communications on the funds?

Instructions to register for the mailing list::

  1. Access the following address:
  2. Complete with your information.
  3. You will receive a confirmation message in your e-mail. To conclude the process, please follow the instructions in the email.
I want to update my e-mail on the mailing list of the Real Estate Investments department.
To update your email in the mailing list of the Real Estate Investments department, please send an email to stating your full name, individual taxpayer number (CPF), and the email you wish to register.
I want to receive only electronic mail from the fund.

A. Although electronic mail is a valid form of correspondence, in view of applicable regulations (articles 41 and 42 of CVM Instruction No. 472/08, transcribed below), the administrator sends physical notices for specific and more relevant communications, since the bylaws of certain funds do not expressly provide for the possibility of electronic communication.

Section 2
Non-recurring information

Art. 41. The administrator must provide the following documents to the shareholders in connection with non-recurring information on the fund:
I – Call notice, management proposals, and other documents related to special meetings of shareholders, on the same day of the meeting call;
Art. 42. The information mentioned in this section will be disclosed on the administrator’s website, in an area that stands out and is available for free access, and maintained available to the shareholders at its headquarters.
Paragraph 3. The information or documents referred to in this section may be sent to the shareholders in electronic form or made available in electronic channels, as long as expressly established in the fund’s bylaws.

However, seeking the best interest of our shareholders, we are working to improve our electronic communication processes.

I want to update my registered address to receive correspondence from the fund.

Shareholders should update their information with their broker. The information we use is the same information registered with the broker. Please update your registration information in all brokers in which you hold positions.

How to become an investor.

How do I acquire shares in an FII of CSHG?
Our shares are traded on the stock exchange market. Therefore, we recommend that you contact an investment advisor and/or broker of your preference. Click here to learn how to acquire a fund share.

Where to find information on the funds

Where can I find up-to-date and important information on a specific FII?

In the monthly management reports.
We publish a monthly management report to provide equal information on the fund to all shareholders. The management reports are published on our website by the tenth day of the month following that to which they refer. Click here to find the management reports.


Are earnings distributed on a monthly basis?
A. According to applicable legislation, real estate funds must distribute at least 95% of the earnings ascertained on a cash basis by the last day of each semester (June and December). July is the first month of the second semester. Accordingly, by December, the fund will have distributed 95% of the earnings ascertained on a cash basis. The bylaws of the fund provide for the monthly distribution of earnings as prepayment of semiannual results. Please read the fund’s bylaws for more information. Click here to learn more about the distribution of earnings.
When are the earnings paid?
As established in the earnings distribution policy of the fund, the proceeds earned in the semester will be distributed to the shareholders, monthly, by the tenth business day of the month after that in which the amounts were received by the fund, as advance payment of the earnings for the semester to be distributed. In each month, only shareholders up-to-date in their share payment obligations by the last day of the month immediately before that in which earnings are distributed will be entitled to the earnings distributed by the fund.
I am an FII shareholder and have not received any earnings.
Only shareholders who held shares on the last business day of the month immediately before that in which earnings are distributed will be entitled to the earnings distributed by the fund. Operational information on their custody should be requested directly to your broker.