The portfolio management team is divided as follows: Offices, Logistics and Retail, Real Estate Receivables and Liquid Assets, and Residential. Each team is responsible for each fund’s classification and compliance with the pre-established risk parameters and other obligations set forth in laws, regulations, and their respective bylaws.

The Financial Control team is responsible for overseeing the department’s existing controls to mitigate segment-specific risks. It is also responsible for the financial control of the funds, including their accounting, auditing, share issuances, shareholders meetings, and other activities. The department is in close contact with regulatory and self-regulatory entities, such as the Brazilian Stock Exchange (“B3”), the Brazilian Association of Financial and Capital Market Entities (“Anbima”), and the Brazilian Securities Commission (“CVM”), and is the main liaison with departments that provide services, such as Funds Administration, Compliance, and Legal.

The Engineering team is charged with maintaining and improving the real estate ventures of the funds.
It also follows up with building managers on the physical state of the real properties, formal documentation, and analysis and checking of the condominium bylaws of each property.

The Sales team is responsible for the sales and business activities of the real estate ventures of the funds, with a primary focus on leases, but it also purchases and sells assets and carries out other real estate transactions. It actively participates in business negotiations and works closely with the (internal and outside) legal departments to enable the acquisitions. Finally, it oversees all contacts with tenants, including rent collection, for example.

The Legal team provides support to the Real Estate Investments department on all legal issues, such as drafting of agreements, contact with regulatory (CVM) and self-regulatory (B3 and Anbima) entities, participation in negotiations for the acquisition of assets, support in issuances of fund shares, and preparation of corporate documentation of the funds.

The Compliance team works in the prevention of conflicts among internal departments, reputational incidents, exposure to fraud and crimes, money laundering, etc.

The Decision-Making Committee of the Real Estate Investments department meets regularly to discuss all strategic guidelines of the department and decide on specific investments.